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Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

Sexual dysfunction is a problem that can happen during any phase of the sexual response cycle. It prevents you from experiencing satisfaction from sexual activity. The sexual response cycle traditionally includes excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution.
Sexual dysfunction includes pain during intercourse, involuntary painful contraction (spasm) of the muscles around the vagina, and lack of interest in (desire for) sex and problems with arousal or orgasm. For a sexual dysfunction disorder to be diagnosed, these problems must cause distress to the woman.
Physical issues like heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and smoking can all cause erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, depression, anxieties, stress, relationship problems, and other mental health concerns can also interfere with sexual feelings.
See a doctor if you feel the following problems
  • Develop problems with relationships
  • Have trouble getting or keeping an erection
  • Find it difficult to ejaculate
  • Lack sexual desire
  • Experience pain with intercourse, vaginal dryness or lack of lubrication

Sexual Dysfunction Experts in Maharaja Agrasen Hospital

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