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Types of Billing Payments:

The payments of following facilities are chargeable in the hospital:

  • OP and IP Registration
  • OPD Consultation
  • Diagnostics and Investigation
  • Surgical services and procedures
  • Patient accommodation in Suites, Deluxe, Private, Semi Private and Economy Wards, Fees for doctor services
  • Pharmacy / medicines and Implants
  • General ward (with/without medicines). It includes diet charges and nursing care.

OPD Consultation, Registration, Investigation payments :

The OPD registration is charged for a minimum fixed period. If patient visits the hospital after the defined period, he needs to pay again.

OPD investigation charges for Radiology and Laboratory are collected as per applicable SOC at the Diagnostic Cash counter located in the ground floor of the hospital.

OPD consultations fees are charged as per General and Private Consultations services.

In Patient Billing System
  • The billing counter for the patients discharged from sixth floor is located on sixth floor itself. Billing counter for fifth and fourth floor discharges is on fifth floor. While for Labour room and third floor, billing is being done on third floor. Patients in ICU (second and third floor) get their provisional (online) bill from ICU itself (except on Sundays). Billing for old block patients and Neuro ICU is done at ground floor billing counter. Billing for Cardiac department on first floor is being done at Cardiac Reception on first floor.
  • During the treatment, the patient is charged for the following:-
    • Diagnostics and Investigation
    • Surgical services and procedures
    • Patient accommodation in Suites, Deluxe, Private, Semi Private and Economy Wards.
    • Fees for doctor services
    • Pharmacy / medicines and Implants
  • As the treating Consultant orders to discharge the patient, nursing staff after completing all the formalities relating to Pharmacy return and matching of reports with billed investigations, forward the file to the respective billing counter for final billing. The Billing Executive prepares the final bill (considering the cash and credit facility) and accordingly the amount is collected from patient/attendant. Duly signed payment slip is provided as proof of payment and a copy is stored by the Accounts Department.

  • All the bills prepared at different billing counters are sent to the checking point at ground floor before delivering to attendant.

  • General patient / Panel cash patients
    Billing is done as per hospital SOC or rates agreed as per MOU (in care of Panel patient). Bill is send to patient's attendant in the room for payment. Attendant pays the bill at Cash Counter and collects the Gate Pass.

  • Panel credit patients

    Billing is done as per agreed charges as per signed MOU. Final bill is send to the ward to the respective attendant. Patient signs the bill and verifies the charges. Attendant submits the signed bill and difference amount (if he opted for higher category than his/her entitlement). Then the signed copy of credit bill is sent to panel cell on daily basis, so that the bills may be sent to panel companies on time.

  • Billing is done according to the category of “paying category” opted by patient e.g. Economy, Semi private, Private, Deluxe, Suites and (concessional/free) General ward with or without medicines.




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